Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Shoes shoes shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes, who doesn't love shoes?? Well me, sort of! Being very tall (5ft 10") I have been rather unfortunately cursed with size 9 heifers, oops I mean feet!

So after much looking around the Internet trying to find wedding shoes with not too big a heel - I really don't want to be much taller than I already am, I came across elegant steps who have quite a few of their range going up to a size 9. Yay!

I narrowed it down to a few pairs both of which heels were under 2 1/4 inches:
Paradox Pink - Plush
Image courtesy of bridalshoesuk

These ones where gorgeous and I would have loved to have them, but my feet which just a little too wide and I thought I would be falling out of them all day so they were a no go.

Paradox Pink - Dawn
Image courtesy of bridalshoesuk

These were really cute and made my feet look small (those of you with big feet will really appreciate how that made me feel!) so I settled on these.
Now being the awkward type that I am I also needed dyeable shoes as I really didn't want plain wedding shoes, I had always had it in my head I wanted a bit of colour and once the bridesmaid dresses where chosen I decided I wanted purple.
So once the decision was made which pair would hopefully see me through the day and not fall off half way up the aisle I sent them back to be dyed.

The company were great, they phoned me as soon as they received them back and talked me through the dyeing process. I had chosen the colour from a colour chart that I got from the company, they also custom dye to swatches that you send into them as well for those hard to get colours.

And this is the finished product which were waiting for me when I got home today. I'm very happy with them and they are a really good match for my Bridesmaid dress.

Hope you like them! I can't wait to see a spot of colour under my dress.

C xx

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  1. Pretty blue shoes! I hear you on the shoes that make your feet look smaller thing! xxx