Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hitting the gym

Jumping for joy!!

After 8 months of being engaged I have finally found my mojo and have restarted weight watchers and have also signed up to the gym. I have realised that I am not going to be one of those brides that loses weight in the run up to her wedding without even trying, much to my dismay. I seem to fall into the category of eating too much in the run up!

I don't want to lose a huge amount of weight, but I really don't want to regret what I didn't do and look back at my wedding photos only seeing what I could have changed if I had really put my mind to it.
To be honest I can't believe that it has taken me so long to come to this understanding as many of you that know me, know that I have had long standing battles with my weight. You would think that by now I know the principles and could just get on with it, this is not how it works though, lol. You need to wait on that something clicking in your brain that stops you reaching for the chocolate at every given opportunity. Thankfully I am pleased to say with just over 12 weeks to go that this has finally happened.

My induction at my new gym was on Thursday, it is a council run gym and I can use any of their 8 sites which should work really well for me as some days I finish in one part of the county and the opposite side to where I work. I didn't want to be tied into just one location as me being me I would make excuses to not travel over to it.

My aim is to complete the couch to 5k programme which is a 9 week programme which gently breaks you into running. My legs to me are one of my biggest problem areas, and although they will be covered up by my dress on the day, due to the wedding being in Spain, they will be on show a little too much for my liking!

I am also going to be working on toning my arms, as I really don't want the dreaded 'bingo wings' on the big day if I can help it. I know that some people may say that you should be happy with how you are but I know that I will just be annoyed with myself if I am not how I think I should be and having gained some weight since the beginning of our engagement I really want to go back to how I looked before.

I managed to lose 3lbs this week, lets just keep it going now!

C xx

You can find the couch to 5k programme here:
Couch to 5k

Friday, 22 July 2011

The dress has arrived!!

I am so excited!

The wedding dress has arrived into the shop, now all I have to do is make arrangements to go back in and see it.

I have been looking at pictures of it this morning and thankfully I do still really like it so I am keeping everything crossed that I feel that way when I try it on. I am actually looking forward to seeing it on me properly as the sample I tried on was too small so looking at myself in the mirror required a lot of vision.
My Matron of honour has not seen it either so we are planning on going through to the dress shop for a look.

It will not be fitted until 4 weeks before the wedding (thankfully) so time to hit the gym I think.

C xx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

3 Months today!

Wow, in 3 months from today we will be getting married! I can't believe how quickly the time is flying past. I know that people said it would but you are not really prepared for it. I have really been enjoying this part of our engagement and actually feel I have time to enjoy it now as everything is mostly organised.

I have been really looking forward to being able to count down in weeks (don't worry I won't be posting that each week!) so as of tomorrow we have 13 weeks (blooming calendars!) to go - eeeep!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

100 days to go!!!

Whoohoo! We have reached 100 days to go, tomorrow we will be in double figures! How did that happen?

Things are all sorted now, we are just in the waiting faze, to be honest I am struggling a bit with this, I suppose before we got engaged all I heard were stories about how hard and stressful it is to plan a wedding and I haven't really experienced that. Our planning process has gone really smoothly (so far!) we have had a few issues but they have all been able to be resolved fairly quickly and we have only really had one argument that I can recall that has been about the wedding, which if I am honest was me just picking a fight as I was feeling poorly.

I keep checking my 'to do' list as I keep thinking that there must be something that I have missed but there doesn't appear to be, please let this be the case! lol

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Keeping guests informed

As we are having our wedding abroad, we thought that it would be nice to make our wedding more than just one day so that we can spend more time with our guests and have more time to relax on the actual day rather than spending all day trying to make sure we have spoken to everyone.

So we have planned a BBQ for the Wednesday prior to the wedding and then a brunch/lunch or until we fall down day in the Irish Bar the day after.
My only problem was trying to let people know what was planned and invite them along to the events if they want to come. I also thought it would be nice to give them a plan of the day so that they know what to expect, I am sure that there will be a few people who are a bit apprehensive as we are in unknown territory. So I came up with a 'Out of Town' brochure that I plan on sending out to guests with a map to the church about 2 weeks before the wedding.

The booklet is a tri fold and the two pages will be printed back to back.

Click on to enlarge
Click on to enlarge

I have also added some key Spanish phrases to the back of the brochure to help people on their way!

What do you think? Would you like something like this to let you know what's happening?

C xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wedding lull

I am currently experiencing a wedding drought or lull and I'm not enjoying it much!

My to do list is now quite small and I feel that I am putting of doing things as I really want some things left to do (hope that makes sense)

To help me out I am going to put the 'to do' list on here to help me. So with 3 and a bit months to go this is what is outstanding.

  • Make remainder of covers for Order of Services
  • Make inserts for Order of Services (still awaiting the Priest to approve these)
  • Make iSpy cards for tables
  • Print inserts for menus
  • Register intent to marry (In Scotland we can only do that 3 months before the wedding)
  • Choose Kilts and order them for Groom and Best Man
  • Get Flower girls shoes
  • Make Thank you sign
  • Order place name/favours (need to finalise guest list for this)
  • Make table plan (again need to finalise guest list)
  • Pay remainder for my dress and get alterations done
  • Chase RSVPs (date set of 21st August so still a while yet for that)
  • Order floating candle bags
  • Pay all the bills!!!
I think that's it, not really much left to do at all and nothing major. The DIY bits will not take me long at all. The Order of Services are going to be the biggest part as we are having a full Catholic mass and inviting non-catholics I feel that I need to make sure they know what is going on so we will be printing off full mass booklets so everyone can follow what is happening. I thought I may be able to get away with people sharing them but on talking to a few people I think that it will be better to have one per person.

There will be a few things that we will need to do when we get to Spain to finalise a few things, like meeting up with the violinist, DJ and photographer just to run through the order of things for the day but I have a good idea in my head of what we want and they already know that so hopefully that will all go well also.

I feel that we have done really well with the planning, or should I say I have! H2b merely nods in the correct places.
The one bit I am struggling with though, is when people ask how the planning is going, when I answer it is all mainly sorted I seem to be getting a muffled laugh as a response and told that just wait! Am I missing something? I know that there will be running around closer to the day to sort out a few things but will it really get worse?