Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wedding Central

So last weekend, my Mum and sister arrived from Ireland to wedding central and quickly became bombarded by all things wedding, I really have missed living away from home since I started planning the wedding, there are some things that you would just love to show your mum straight away.
Anyway, they got the full treatment and out came the 'wedding box' (a big box holding all the current wedding paraphernalia) and the planned table decorations were set out on my kitchen table.

We have two places to decorate in our venue, outside for dinner and then inside for the evening reception. My main colour will be purple to match my bridesmaid dress.
We need to think about outside, where we will be eating dinner on the terrace, my plan is to keep this very simple and the hotel will be providing basic centerpieces on white table linen so my plan is to have cream or white flowers with some greenery and then scatter some purple silk flower petals around them that match my colour scheme. I thought this was easier than trying to get the hotel to match my colours and maybe ending up with a completely different colour of purple. I also want the guests to be soaking in the view of the mountains!

For the evening reception, the spanish have very strict laws on music so we need to move inside. The room is huge! So I really need to make sure that we plan our tables quite well in here. My plan is to have some mirror plates with crystals sprinkled and candles, the lights will be dimmed in this room and we have fairy lights hanging from the bannisters so hopefully the atmosphere will be set and the room will not look just as big! This will be were the DJ will be set up as well.

Excuse the photos, they were taken when the hotel was out of season so the place was not set up right.

Outside terrace where we will be eating

The other side of the Terrace where the top table will sit

The inside reception room.
We will only be using the bottom floor, the top will be dimmed and fairy lights will be hanging from the bannisters.

A sample of how the inside tables will be decorated.
I am hiring larger mirror plates when we get there, but this gives an idea of my ideas!

So Mum and sister were throughly bombarded with all things wedding but it felt so good to have everything out and being able to show people my ideas and how I want it to all come together was really good. I think my Mum really appreciated being able to be part of it all too and it was great to get their ideas about what they think will work or not.

I love h2b very much but to be honest all this girly stuff is not his strong point! Thank god for sisters and Mums! lol

C xx

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