Saturday, 26 March 2011

Unity Candle

This weeks project has been to work on our unity candle.

As part of our ceremony we will be lighting our unity candle and I really wanted one that was personal to us.
Off I went again on the great internet hunt to find one that we could use...... if you have never had the joy of researching these I think you would be amazed at the price that they are! For a unity candle and two taper candles with a stand the cheapest I could find was around £40 not including postage. For a candle????

There was no way that I was willing to pay that much for something that runs the risk of being left at the church if no one remembers to lift it (must put that on my list of Lisa the wedding planner!) and wasn't even what I really wanted.

Google images brought up some links to ones that people had managed to do themselves so that was my mind made up. The unity candle will be another project!

So off I went to the craft shop this morning, armed with the candle and my colour scheme to find matching ribbon and this is what I have come up with.

Again, excuse my photo quality!

I have designed the monogram myself and it will be on our inserts for the invites and also our menus too so I really felt it needed to feature on the candle if I could. The quote on the front is also on our Order of Services so I think it all ties in well.

On the back I have an Irish wedding saying, to keep in with our roots. The back of the ribbon needs tided up a bit to try and prevent the overlap, but thats tomorrows job!

C xx

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