Sunday, 27 March 2011


Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa

There was some debate whether we should have a honeymoon or not seeing as we are travelling for the wedding. In my head I always wanted a honeymoon and never doubted that we would go on one and luckly my h2b felt the same. We have had a few frowns from other people that we are having a honeymoon on top of the wedding but as the saying goes 'it's our wedding'

So where to go? as we are going to Spain for a week a long haul holiday was really out of the question.

The logistics of planning a honeymoon have been quite difficult, I have had to consider that we will be travelling to Spain with all the wedding stuff and as we planning on going on honeymoon the day after returning to the UK from Spain (without returning to our house) the options of where we go (and how to pack for two separate holidays) has been a challenge in itself.

We looked at the possibility of going on a med cruise, but ruled that out as we cruised mexico last year and H2b wanted something different. Europe/Africa seemed to be a logically place to be going so that we could get somewhere within easy reach of the UK and hopefully somewhere that is still warm as the wedding is not until late October. We looked at Egypt but have been a few times so didn't think that it was 'special' enough for our honeymoon. That's when I stumbled across Marrakech! Only 4 hours from the UK and with average temperatures in October still in mid to late 20's, it fitted the bill perfectly.

We have booked a beautiful boutique hotel called Sirayane Boutique hotel and Spa, located just outside of the main medina of Marrakech, far enough away to have the tranquility that we are after but close enough to be able to visit the hustle and bustle of the medina and the famous marrakech markets. The hotel only has 28 bedrooms and looks amazing from the photos on their website. We have never been to Marrakech so felt that it would be perfect for that something different and plus the fact that it looks like an amazing place to see! We are both really excited.

I think that after the busy week for the wedding this will come as a welcome place to relax and enjoy our first week as husband and wife.

C xx


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, I live just along the road in Edinburgh.

    We are also going to Marrakech for a week in June for my husbands 30th. We are spending 3 nights in a riad in the medina then the next 4 nights also at the Sirayane too; doesnt it look fabulous!

    I will let you know what its like!

    {p.s you are def right to have a honeymoon; our friends got married in Italy last year but since we were all there for a week it wasnt really like a honeymoon for them so they headed away for a couple of weeks after their UK party}

  2. Ohh excellent! You will be able to tell me all about it. It looks amazing from the photos, really hope that it lives up to them!

    I'm really pleased that we decided to go with having a honeymoon, we are in Spain for the week but as you say it's not really the same as having a honeymoon.
    I can't wait now to find out what you think, remember to come back on and let me know.
    C x