Friday, 25 March 2011

First Meltdown!

Well thats another thing out of the way! The first major wedding meltdown.

It all started with a simple email from my wedding planner letting me know that the girl that she would normally recommend to do hair and makeup has moved back to her home country of France and the next recommended person was coming in at €65 more expensive.
Now in the grand scheme of things I know that this is not a lot of money but when the email came it felt like the worst possible thing that could happen to me, I was just totally fed up of not feeling in control (another down side to organising the wedding abroad) and thinking that I had the budget right, only to find out that something was actually more expensive. Another word of warning, a wedding in Spain is not that much cheaper!

Anyway, off I went on my trusty internet search to see if I could find something cheaper to suggest to my wedding planner (yes I am a control freak and can't hand full control to her!) and duely sent her an email which she is now chasing and booking a trial for me when we go over in April, saving me €65! Happy Claire again :-)

That is until another email comes in asking about food for the menu tasting that just totally threw me.... I have no idea why but I totally couldn't cope with what the wedding planner was asking, which for the record was only did I want to taste anything else other than the chosen menu we had picked.
The h2b felt the brunt of this, with a mad rant to him that he couldn't even understand what the actual problem was, at this stage to be honest neither did I! I just felt the need to have a go at him for no reason, if you are reading this now.....Sorry!

Thankfully, my wedding planner is now back on Skype after having internet issues over in Spain since January, a quick email to her to ask if she was around and an hour on Skype last night and all is right with the world :-)
I realised last night for the first time that sometimes emails just won't cut it when you are organising a wedding abroad, my word of advice when you are looking for a wedding planner, make sure that they allow telephone contact or even better skype, its free!


  1. Ooooh £65 is a lot of extra pennies when you're planning a wedding, I'm still amazed at how much we're spending everytime I add things up (eeeeek).

    Wow how high-tec to have your planner on Skype, thats brilliant for overseas weddings!

    I love that we all take out the wedding woes on the other half, that's what they're there for ;o) Happy planning xxx

  2. I thought it was a lot too! And more than I had wanted to spend, everything is so expensive isn't it!

    Having the wedding planner on Skype is amazing, she is so lovely as well and is contactable anytime I need her (I hope she won't regret saying that!) lol