Monday, 5 December 2011

We are married! Part 2 - The morning of the wedding

I had been worrying all week that `I wouldn't sleep well the night before the wedding, what with being in a strange bed and not having my soon to be husband there, however I need not have worried, I slept like a baby!
When I did wake up the house was still quiet, I opened the curtains to check the weather (yes even having your wedding in Spain does not make you immune to this!) the sun was just starting to come up and with a spring in my step I got into a gorgeous bubble bath.  I brought my iPod in with me and played some of the music that we had chosen for the day and I just lay there singing and smiling, I really could not have been calmer and happier, finally I was marrying the man I love more than anything, the sun was out and everyone I loved where there to share it with us.

When I finally got out of the bath - the joy of not having the wedding until 4pm meant we were not overly rushed in the morning - my Chief Bridesmaid was just about to knock on the door as she thought that I hadn't got up yet!  I had made the girls all T-shirts to wear on the morning of the wedding and everyone loved them.

 Me and my flowergirls posing in our Tshirts

Can you guess who these two lovely ladies may be?

Our plan was to just relax in the morning whilst waiting on my hairdresser and makeup artist to arrive, I had made a playlist up on my iPod to listen to so we plugged that in and generally just relaxed.  My hair and make up artist where due to arrive around 11.30ish so we had plenty of time to just chill and chat with each other, I really valued that time with my Mum and my sister.  My poor Chief Bridesmaid though had agreed to curl all the little girls hairs so she was stuck up stairs for a good bit of the morning with chatting going on between the two floors with her. lol  (By the way she did an amazing job!)

We had planned to have a little glass of cava or two whilst getting ready, sure it would be rude not too :-) I had mentioned this to my lovely wedding planner Lisa during the week and that we were looking to try and get some pretend cava for the little girls to make them feel included and she told me you can get kids champagne in!  Lisa being Lisa, off she went and got us a bottle and I can tell you she made the little girls morning!

 Alcohol free champagne

 Our oldest flowergirl popping the cork!


Soon it was time for the house to become busier, my dad arrived then the hair and makeup artist closely followed by the lovely Lisa and it was time to get ready!!

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