Monday, 28 November 2011

We are married! Part 1 - The Build up.

Well finally after nearly 6 weeks of marriage I am back to update you all on what happened.

My plan is to break it down into a few posts so that I don't bore you all completely.

Firstly I just want to say that our wedding day was all we ever wanted and more, I will never ever regret the decision to take the wedding abroad and even though there were some people that couldn't make it out to the wedding we enjoyed the company of each and every person who did come out and we appreciate all the effort that everyone went to to be with us on the most special day of our lives so far.

We arrived over on the Sunday with our Chief Bridesmaid, Best man and their little girl.  Hubbies other brother also flew over with his three kids. We went our separate ways for a while to check into our rental villas.  On the Monday, we met up with our lovely wedding planner and headed up to check out the reception venue and go over a few final details.  Everything was already sorted so it was more a case of just checking where tables were going to go and running through a few things with the wedding planner to make sure that she knew exactly what it was we wanted.  However I had no doubt that she would and she made everything so much easier (but more about that in another post!)

We then went up to spend the day with his brother at their very exclusive villa! His other brother and parents were not arriving until the Tuesday so we had a good bit of time to chill out up there.

My in-laws amazing villa

It was amazing, and we ended up spending quite a lot of time up there as the kids where able to have a great time playing around and we all just felt like we were on holiday.  It was a great way to relax and ensure that we didn't have a stressful week in the run up to the wedding.

 The lovely private pool which the kids could not get enough of.

The nearest villa to them! 

On the Monday evening, my parents, sister, aunts and uncles all arrived so we made our way back into town to meet them for dinner.  It was very surreal to suddenly be sitting in Spain but surrounded by your nearest and dearest and know that they had all made the effort just for us.  It was great to be able to spend time with them before the wedding and before all the other family and guests arrived and I was really pleased that we had made sure that we made time to do this.

We spent the first few days lounging around the pool and the posh villa, then on the Wednesday I went and spent the day with my family to make sure I was getting into wedding mood. I did love chilling out at the villa but I really began to think that we weren't actually there to get married! It kind of felt like we were all just there for a holiday and I was needing some mum & sister wedding chat time. Seeing my Mum and sister put an end to forgetting why we were there and the wedding excitement really began to kick in....... everyone was parading their outfits and all last minute decisions and discussions were taking place, it was all very exciting and a great start to our evening of entertaining all our guests and our welcome party.

We had a welcome party at our villa on the Wednesday night, I had really wanted to make sure that we managed to see everyone that had come over and as most people were actually there from the Wednesday it made sense to hold a welcome party then. We had most of our guests there at one point or another over the course of the night.

The Terrace at our villa overlooking the Golf Course

A few of our guest mingling!

It was a great way to relax with everyone and chat and it really helped on the day as I didn't feel like we had to spend all our time speaking to everyone rather than being able to enjoy the wedding and the reception.  I would recommend this to anyone who can manage to fit it in.

Part 2 - The day/night before the wedding will be coming up soon.

C xx 

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  1. Yay! Love this post, can't wait for the next! x