Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hitting the gym

Jumping for joy!!

After 8 months of being engaged I have finally found my mojo and have restarted weight watchers and have also signed up to the gym. I have realised that I am not going to be one of those brides that loses weight in the run up to her wedding without even trying, much to my dismay. I seem to fall into the category of eating too much in the run up!

I don't want to lose a huge amount of weight, but I really don't want to regret what I didn't do and look back at my wedding photos only seeing what I could have changed if I had really put my mind to it.
To be honest I can't believe that it has taken me so long to come to this understanding as many of you that know me, know that I have had long standing battles with my weight. You would think that by now I know the principles and could just get on with it, this is not how it works though, lol. You need to wait on that something clicking in your brain that stops you reaching for the chocolate at every given opportunity. Thankfully I am pleased to say with just over 12 weeks to go that this has finally happened.

My induction at my new gym was on Thursday, it is a council run gym and I can use any of their 8 sites which should work really well for me as some days I finish in one part of the county and the opposite side to where I work. I didn't want to be tied into just one location as me being me I would make excuses to not travel over to it.

My aim is to complete the couch to 5k programme which is a 9 week programme which gently breaks you into running. My legs to me are one of my biggest problem areas, and although they will be covered up by my dress on the day, due to the wedding being in Spain, they will be on show a little too much for my liking!

I am also going to be working on toning my arms, as I really don't want the dreaded 'bingo wings' on the big day if I can help it. I know that some people may say that you should be happy with how you are but I know that I will just be annoyed with myself if I am not how I think I should be and having gained some weight since the beginning of our engagement I really want to go back to how I looked before.

I managed to lose 3lbs this week, lets just keep it going now!

C xx

You can find the couch to 5k programme here:
Couch to 5k


  1. Well done! I've downloaded the NHS 5k podcast which is pretty good too

  2. well done, keep it up, be healthy and have fun,

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