Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wedding lull

I am currently experiencing a wedding drought or lull and I'm not enjoying it much!

My to do list is now quite small and I feel that I am putting of doing things as I really want some things left to do (hope that makes sense)

To help me out I am going to put the 'to do' list on here to help me. So with 3 and a bit months to go this is what is outstanding.

  • Make remainder of covers for Order of Services
  • Make inserts for Order of Services (still awaiting the Priest to approve these)
  • Make iSpy cards for tables
  • Print inserts for menus
  • Register intent to marry (In Scotland we can only do that 3 months before the wedding)
  • Choose Kilts and order them for Groom and Best Man
  • Get Flower girls shoes
  • Make Thank you sign
  • Order place name/favours (need to finalise guest list for this)
  • Make table plan (again need to finalise guest list)
  • Pay remainder for my dress and get alterations done
  • Chase RSVPs (date set of 21st August so still a while yet for that)
  • Order floating candle bags
  • Pay all the bills!!!
I think that's it, not really much left to do at all and nothing major. The DIY bits will not take me long at all. The Order of Services are going to be the biggest part as we are having a full Catholic mass and inviting non-catholics I feel that I need to make sure they know what is going on so we will be printing off full mass booklets so everyone can follow what is happening. I thought I may be able to get away with people sharing them but on talking to a few people I think that it will be better to have one per person.

There will be a few things that we will need to do when we get to Spain to finalise a few things, like meeting up with the violinist, DJ and photographer just to run through the order of things for the day but I have a good idea in my head of what we want and they already know that so hopefully that will all go well also.

I feel that we have done really well with the planning, or should I say I have! H2b merely nods in the correct places.
The one bit I am struggling with though, is when people ask how the planning is going, when I answer it is all mainly sorted I seem to be getting a muffled laugh as a response and told that just wait! Am I missing something? I know that there will be running around closer to the day to sort out a few things but will it really get worse?


  1. I think people just like you to think that they know some sort of secret. Well done on being so organised. I have plenty on my list if you're needing things to do!

  2. I'm sure you are right Linsey, I just keep doubting myself! Hope you get your list sorted soon. lol

  3. well now that the main bulk of the DIY is done - it will give you more time to concentrate on trying on your dress and getting it sorted - you will have plenty of time to give to getting that just right


  4. That's true Angela! Just need it to come into the shop now and for me loose about a stone! Lol

  5. has it not come in yet? I didn't think it would take this long. Funny, meant to ask you about it earlier..before the phone engineer came (sorted). I thought she said about 3 months,,although suppose just over that now i guess! can't lose too much weight..think of the price of the extra alterations, lol!!!