Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wedding Planning update

Well after a few frantic months of sorting out everything for the wedding and working on the deadlines of trying to do everything on our two visits over to Spain. All the major decisions have been made and we have hit a bit of lull. I suppose all wedding planning goes through the same, I have been hitting the weekends thinking, what will I do today?, then wondering why I am not doing anything for the wedding. I did stress a little the first few times with thoughts flying through my head that surely I must have forgotten something really important as I shouldn't be this relaxed but after checking my trusty (3 page!!) checklist I am confident that I haven't.

So the last few weeks I have really relaxed into the planning and must admit that I am really enjoying it. The last few weekends have been spent, finishing off the invitations (totally underestimated the work involved in this) which are going out this week, whoohoo! and looking at other DIY things that I might turn my hand too over the next few months.

I have been looking at all the nice bits and have ordered presents in personalised gift boxes for the flower girls and pageboy which I am looking forward to seeing and I have also got something special for my Mum that I fear may make her cry, but hopefully good tears. I have also got my Bridesmaid an amazing handmade bracelet that hopefully will match her dress.

I have also had a good chat with my dad and we have decided that we are going to do a Dad/Daughter dance. It will be just after our first dance and once we are finished that the DJ will ask my Dad to come up and take my hand, the song we have chosen has already had me in tears so I better start listening to it a bit more to get used to it.

156 days to go!!

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