Friday, 21 October 2011

Right about now!

I decided right at the very start of our wedding planning that I really wanted to do a Dad/Daughter dance.  I am very close to my Dad and getting married and now having my own family to be part of and look after has a huge significance to me. Luckily my Dad agreed.

When researching songs to dance to I came across quite a few with very meaningful lyrics but nothing beat this one!

Right at this very moment, me and my amazing Dad will be shuffling away to this.

All I can hope is that I can hold back my tears.


  1. oh my... the videos wouldn't work on my phone originally. so only getting round to watching them now. Oh my goodness I'm sobbing listening to this one. beautiful song. did you keep it together? Lots of waterproof eye makeup needed i would think

  2. Didnt keep it together at all! lol Cant wait to see the dvd.