Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wedding Party T-Shirts

I have loved diamante wedding party clothing even before I got engaged and really wanted to have some for our wedding, I had looked at dressing gowns but they were quite expensive so I have decided to go with T Shirts instead.

I hope we will be wearing them for a good part of the day as the wedding is not until 4pm so I thought it would be really nice for us all to have t-shirts to wear lounging about our villa on the morning of the wedding.

I found diamante transfers Here and bought some black vest tops for myself and the chief bridesmaid.

I have also ordered a 'Brides Mum' and 'Brides Sister' which I am going to put onto t-shirts rather than vest tops, and I am also planning on making ones for my flowergirls which will go onto pink t-shirts.

I think that it will look great in photos and I am really looking forward to wearing mine! Hope everyone else loves them too.

C xx

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