Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Planning a wedding abroad - update

Today I was asked have I not found it really difficult to plan my wedding as it is abroad. I think that the way that we have planned our wedding has been great for us, yes there are some ups and downs of planning a wedding abroad as there are having a wedding in the UK but overall it has actually been fairly stress free up to this point.

I posted before about The Ups and Downs, here

I have had a few stressful moments, mainly when waiting on suppliers to email me back and sometimes with the language difference I have felt that it some things may be lost in translation slightly.
The others have been the inevitable stresses with making some of the decisions like which supplier to go for but nothing major that I feel would be much different if we were to have the wedding here.

I suppose the major difference is most of the decisions are made from looking at peoples websites and some of our suppliers we have not met in person which I think if my wedding was here I most definitely would not be wanting to happen but due to peoples time constraints it has not always been possible to meet up with everyone on our 2 viewing visits.
We were very lucky to be able to make two visits to Spain in January and April and all the major decisions were made then this has allowed me to have lots of time to spend on my DIY projects which I have really appreciated.

I would not hesitate to recommend a wedding abroad if that is where your heart lies, yes there are so things to get your head around:
  • The fact that some people close to you may not be able to make it
  • Most Spanish hotels don't do 'contracts'!!! - which is a big thing to get your head around
  • The language barrier - wedding planners are a must in my book,
  • Booking things from Internet information only - we have been lucky and have only not met our videographer
  • The paperwork needed - but again with a wedding planner this has really been easy
Part of me, wonders if this has all been too easy? I put a lot of hours into research at the beginning, before our visits and was really prepared to get the most out of the short time that we were there. We achieved so much in that period of time that I have to keep reminding myself that we have in fact made all the major decisions and most of the small ones too.
With just over four months to go the only decision still left to make is which tartan h2b will be wearing!

Oh and to keep working on all the DIY touches which I am totally loving!

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