Saturday, 18 June 2011

DIY stationary - Update

The DIY stationary design and assemble process has now reached the end, well thats a slight lie, I have actually only finished the front of 10 'order of services' and none of the inserts, but I do have an excuse for that as the actual service is still waiting to be approved by the priest (he has had it since April)
I figured that it would be best to have at least the front of them finished and then it will only require me to print of the inserts when we have approval, and as we are dealing with Spain I have a feeling that this may be very close to the wedding date!

I was really pleased when I seen all of the stationary laid out together, it was the first time that I have seen how everything works together and follows the same design. Seeing it all together made me smile.

Left to right:
Invitation, Order Of Service, Menu

Seeing it all coming together spurred me onto to start work on the table plan, I wanted to keep the design from the stationary going onto that and I feel that it has worked out really well. The font matches the font from the table place name frames too (OCD kicking in here!)

Once we know who is attending, I have a template set up on the computer which will make it really easy for me to print quickly and then they will just need to be stuck onto the main planner a few days before the wedding.

I also finished the kids bags in the same design. These will double up as their place names and will be filled with things to do to keep them occupied.

C xx

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