Saturday, 20 August 2011

The great 'to do' list

Never underestimate the amount of work you still have to do, I think that it only becomes clear when you take it all out of your head and write it down or certanily that has been the case for me.

I still think that I am totally on top of things, but there is a lot that I had in my head so hadn't really thought that much about them. Well this all changed last week and it is now all down on paper. I am lucky that most things are small in the grand scheme of things and really just require me to order bits and pieces and put the the finishing touches to the diy items.

So since my last post I have managed to add to and tick of my list!

With two months to go this is what I still have outstanding.

Make remainder of order of services - still have about another 15 to fully make up but they have all been printed at least.

Print inserts for the menus - I have designed them so just need to cut them out and put them together.

Get flower girl shoes - I have been advised by those in the know to wait as long as I can with these so they don't outgrow them.

Get alterations done on my dress - all booked!

Finish table plan - basics are done, just waiting on final numbers

Chase the final RSVP's - we are still waiting on the final few to yay or nay, rsvp date is tomorrow.

Make thank you sign for the photo for our thank you cards.

We are getting there!!

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