Monday, 12 September 2011

The box is packed!

Well we have reached another milestone.  The box is packed with all our wedding bits and pieces and is ready to make it's way to our lovely wedding planner, Lisa in Spain.

This is I suppose another down side to having your wedding abroad - trying to figure out how to get it all there and having to limit what you want to bring with you as well.  You do of course have the option of hiring a decorator over to Spain to do all your bits and pieces for you but after spending so long making things I really wanted to carry the diy theme on to the decor of the reception also so ours is all getting packed up and posted over!

We weighed up bringing it all in a suitcase but when you priced extra luggage allowance on the lovely orange airline it is a lot cheaper to box it up and send it by DHL or some other courier company.  We are very lucky to have a lovely wedding planner who appreciates my diy approach and is allowing us to post our items to her (not to mind the stuff I already left there in April)

On another note, my dress is currently being altered.  I loved loved loved it when I tried it on again and it just needs some slight alterations to the bodice and a bustle hoop put on it and we are dandy.  I am back again on the 30th September for the final fitting and then back to collect it on the 14th October all ready to fly to Spain.

I can't quite believe how close we are now, only 5 weeks on Friday until the actual wedding and 4 weeks until we head out to Spain.  I keep having to remind myself to take that week of when I am calculating anything as we really won't be able to do that much planning that week!


  1. love these posts, I'm getting very excited for you, can not wait to see all the photos!

  2. Aww thanks Ladies! Can't believe its so close.